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Garbled Twistory: A US History Podcast told through elections!

Jan 27, 2019

We are back on the election circuit and for 1808 we have some pretty faces, new and old! The first VP Candidate of this election season we're lookin' at is the son of a prezzywezzy we've talked about before! That's a first!

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Jan 20, 2019

You think THIS political climate is bad? An Ex-Vice-President literally planned on invading the capital. Yeah. This is an in-between-election episode for the history books y'all!


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Jan 13, 2019

For this cute little in-between-election episode, I need you to pack your bags! Cuz we're looking at the history behind the USA's FIRST! Federal National Highway!

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Jan 6, 2019

It's about a buncha culty German Christian weirdos named the Harmony Society who showed up in Pennsylvania with some radical ideas that are shockingly ahead of their time... 

An interesting case study of how the social ideas of today would (or would not) have a significant effect on how religious societies would have...